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A Comparative Study Of English And Kurdish Connectives In Newspaper Opinion Articles
Thesis submitted for the degree of
Doctor of Philosophy
at the University of Leicester
Rashwan Ramadan Salih BA, MA
School of English
University of Leicester
International Conference On Genocide Againstthe Kurdish People
Documenting the Genocide Against the Kurds, (Serial No 03)
First Published 2008 Designed by Asso Mamzada Printed in Kurdistan Region-Iraq Araş Press Copies 5000
Kurdistan Region General Directorate of Public Libraries Cataloging Publication Data
International Conference on Genocide Against the Kurdish People No 1858
ISBN: 978-952-92-4258-0
The Sung home: narrative, morality, and the Kurdish nation
Akke Wendelmoet Hamelink
The Sung Home tells the story of Kurdish singer-poets (dengbêjs) in Kurdistan in Turkey, who are specialized in the recital singing of historical songs. After a long period of silence, they returned to public life in the 2000s and are presented as guardians of history and culture. Their lyrics, life stories, and live performances offer fascinating insights into cultural practices, local politics and the contingencies of state borders. Decades of oppression have de
The Archaeology of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Adjacent Regions
Edited by
Konstantinos Kopanias and
John MacGinnis

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